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Faculty Mentor Award

                                                        2012 Awardees                                                                                              2011 Awardees

The Faculty Mentor Award is presented to University of the Pacific faculty members who, through their personal and professional relationships, have mentored students and encouraged alumni to mentor students by providing educational internships and career opportunities.

Nominations for the Award can be submitted by all members of the University community, students, alumni, faculty and administrators. Nominations will be reviewed by the Pacific Alumni Association Awards Committee.

Please nominate current faculty members who deserve consideration for the Faculty Mentor Award. Please complete the 
nomination form and return it to the Pacific Alumni Association . We are currently accepting nominations for the 2013 awards. The 2012 awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, August 26, 2012. Please contact the Pacific Alumni Association at (209) 946-2391 for more information.

Faculty Mentor Award Recipients

Dr. Carol Ann Hackley, College of the Pacific
Dr. David Keefe, School of International Studies
Dr. Ed Sherman, School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Dr. Qingwen Dong, College of the Pacific
Dr. Caroline Cox, College of the Pacific
Dr. Eric Hammer '73, Conservatory of Music

Dr. Marlin Bates, '96, '99, College of the Pacific
Dr. Ken Beauchamp, College of the Pacific
Dr. Marisela Ramos, College of the Pacific
Dr. Francois Rose, Conservatory of Music

Dr. Ruth Brittin, Conservatory of Music / Benerd School of Education
Dr. Mark Ealey, College of the Pacific
Dr. Larry Meredith, Callison College / College of the Pacific
Dr. Jon Schamber, College of the Pacific

Dr. Kishori Chaubal `70, `77 Pharm.D., professor emeritus College of the Pacific
Dr. Madhukar Chaubal Ph.D., professor emeritus Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Dr. Bett Schumacher Ph.D., College of the Pacific
Dr. Chris Sablynski Ph.D., Eberhardt School of Business