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Tiger-to-Tiger Mentor Program

The Student Alumni Connection mentor program will connect students and alumni for the purpose of enhancing educational and career opportunities. Mentoring relationships vary in length and the alumni mentor chooses how many students he/she is willing to mentor at one time. Mentors do not have to live in close proximity to campus to participate, as most of the conversations take place via phone or email. Twice a year we host student/alumni mixers at the Stockton campus, and occasionally in regions like the Bay Area, Southern California and Sacramento. If you are located in any of those areas, you are always invited to attend and help our students in person.


How does the process work?
After you sign up as a mentor, your name and information is entered into the Career Resource Center's Tiger Jobs database. Students are invited to review the list of available mentors and reach out to the ones they would like to get more information from. If you are selected, you will receive an email indicating that a student would like to speak with you. After you receive this notification, please reach out to the student by email within two weeks. It is then up to them to respond to you so you can begin the mentoring relationship. Sometimes students will not respond to repeated emails from mentors. At this point, it is safe to say that the student is no longer interested in having a mentor and you no longer need to pursue them.

What does a mentoring relationship look like?
These can be as simple as an information interview conducted through email to something as involved as face to face meetings, resume reviews, job shadowing/internship opportunities. The student can help you set the expectations for your interactions. You can be as involved as you want with the student, but please understand that they may be looking for one-time only information and the relationship may end after that. There is no set timeline for these interactions.

How long do these interactions last?
As stated above, sometimes you will only exchange one or two emails with a student. Other times, you may work together for several months. It is up to you and the student how the mentoring relationship progresses.

I have been part of the program for a long time and never been contacted. Is something wrong?

While this is an amazing program that many students are taking advantage of, the truth is, we are always striving to educate more students about the mentorship opportunities available to them. We hope you will continue to make yourself available, so that one day a student will be able to reach out and connect with you. Thank you for hanging in there!

Who do I speak with if I have concerns/questions?
You can contact the Career Resource Center at (209) 946-3153. You can also contact the Pacific Alumni Association at (209) 946-2391.

Students:  If you are interested in connecting with alumni, please log into your Tiger Jobs account and click on the "Student Alumni Connection" tab.